Privacy policy


It is Fonn policy to respect your privacy regarding any information we may collect while you use our application or visit our website. Therefore, we have developed this privacy policy for you to understand how we collect, use, communicate, disclose and otherwise make use of personal information.

This policy might be subject to change. Significant or material changes in this policy will be communicated in due time before changes take effect.

What information do we collect about you?

When you visit the Fonn website and give us your consent, we use cookies to track anonymous data on pageviews, scroll depth, duration, clicks and interactions. If you want to delete your cookies and thus recollect your consent, we advise you to check your browser’s privacy settings on how to clear cookies.

On our website you can subscribe to our newsletter, request a demo, trial, or a quote, in which case we store your name, email address and timestamp. Information such as phone number and company name are collected if you provide it, but these are not mandatory fields.

When logging in and using the Fonn app, Fonn stores information about you to make you known to other collaborators in a project and to ensure a meaningful communication between the different users in a project. This means we store:

  • Your first name
  • Your email address
  • Your role in a project
  • Actions you take in Issues, Checklists, Documents, RFIs, Submittals, or any other modules not mentioned
  • If you have seen a comment, document, etc. (to inform other users about the flow of an issue)
  • Your project check-in and check-out times (if you are required by a project manager to submit)

Optionally, you can provide your last name, your phone number, and your professional title.

You give your consent to data collection in the Fonn app at time of registration. We might track your Fonn app usage by collecting anonymous data on clicks, pageviews, login, device identificators. If you enable push-notifications, we store a device identificator to send you push messages. You can disable push notifications at any time.

When using our customer support chat service, we store your name and email address if you provide it (it is optional), your device, your IP address, your geolocation (based on IP), and timestamp. If you are contacting customer support by phone, only your phone number is stored unless you provide more information during the call. If you are contacting customer support via email, only your email address and timestamp is stored unless you provide more details.

How do we use your information?

We use cookies to develop our website and make it more user friendly. By gathering statistics about user behavior, traffic and browser information we can optimize the viewer experience, website design and improve and maintain security. We also use cookies for marketing purposes – to make our marketing relevant to you.

The information stored in the Fonn app is used to enable clear and concise communication in a construction project. Your information is used to identify you and your actions within a construction project. The person or company that initiates a project in Fonn is the data controller of this information. In addition, anonymous data collected in the Fonn app help us improve features and flows that will benefit your project.

Our newsletter informs opted-in users about the product, company and relevant cases for the readers.

Our customer support team responds to inquiries from users and can provide a better service with the information at hand.

To whom do we disclose your information?

Fonn is not sharing your data with any third parties for commercial use.

The person or company that initiates a project in Fonn is the data owner and has access to your information. Other users within the same project also have the ability to see who is part of the project. This means that you will be part of a member list where other users can see your name and email address, and some of the actions you may take in the various modules (if they have access to the same modules).

Fonn uses third-party service providers for customer support and IT-support services. All third-parties with access to personal data in the Fonn app have signed a data processing agreement with Fonn to secure proper handling of personal data.

What do we do to keep your information secure?

All communication is encrypted and stored securely. Furthermore, access to production data has a chain of command structure where only trusted individuals with heightened security clearance has access.

Your rights and choices

You may exercise your data subject rights by contacting Fonn using the contact information provided at the end. You may ask for a copy of all personal information we process about you (right of access) and for us to correct or supplement inaccurate information about you (right to rectification). In certain circumstances, you may also ask us to restrict the processing of your personal information (right to restriction of processing), or you may object, for example where the processing in question is based on the legal basis of legitimate interest (right to object). If we are processing information about you with a basis in consent or contract, you may ask us to transfer your information to you or to a different controller (right to data portability).

You have a right to erasure. You are free to delete any information about yourself in your Fonn account, and information you have put in issues or checklist items, documents you have uploaded, etc. However, some information must be retained throughout the warranty of the project to ensure that customers and businesses can comply with laws and regulations related to warranty, as well as health, environment and safety regulations. In most cases, a data subject’s personal data in a project will continue to be stored in a project for up to 12 years, per national regulation (varies by country).

If you believe we have not upheld your rights according to applicable data protection laws, you may contact us (see contact information at the end). You also have a right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority in the country in which you live, work or otherwise where the infringement took place.

Further information

For requests, questions or concerns about your personal data in Fonn, you should contact the data owner, meaning the person or company that setup the company account and projects in the Fonn application. Fonn is a data processor on the data owner’s behalf, and handles all personal data according to EU Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR).

If you have any other questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy or your Fonn account, please contact us at